7-A-Side Soccer Rules & Regulations    

Substitution Rolling. Player must step off at half before the next can step on.
  Field Players cannot play for more than one team
  Players cannot play both JV and Varsity
Restarts Throw-ins and corners
  NO SLIDE TACKLING. Caution and Direct Free Kick for infringement. 
GK's No Punts allowed
  Can play for more than one team in GK postion only for same club
Points Win - 3 pts
  Tie - 1 pts
  Goals difference - Max 5 goals count
Tie Breakers  
1 )Goal difference - Max 5 goals count/game 
2) Head to Head
3) Fewest goals allowed
4) Shutouts
5) PKs
Red Cards Bad language, fighting, unsporting conduct. All result in suspention for the entire day.
  2 yellow cards - suspention for 1 game


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